Thursday, May 6, 2010


So here I am, desperately trying to finish up a school year before a big trip to COlorado for my littlle sister's hs graduation and then drive to my f.i.l. farm in Arkansas, I think we have something along the lines of senioritis, you know, where the last few weeks of school seem to drag on and on and on like there is no end in sight? I have made a few decisions about the kids schooling next year and hope it goes according to my plans, I think I may need to consult God before going ahead with these plans but as of right now, M will go to the local hs, D will go to a christian based private middle school, and I will homeschool the 3rd grader and kindergardener!
I am going to rely on God's strength, power, energy & whatnot to get me through another year in the homeschooling world...I do get a break tomorrow as all kids will be at preschool, middle school and STAR testing, I will try not to enjoy it too much as Saturday brings chaos and running around Monterey county doing soccer, baseball, and various other activities that require all of my focus and energy, and of course, Monday that brings me the usual run of the mill Monday activities!
Today is National Day of Prayer (May 6, 2010) and I am wondering where my God stands on many things, especially the chaos that is happening in our country/world....the hunger that people suffer from, is there an end for them? People who are homeless, will they have a home to go to each night some day? The nasty political wars that are going on and the fight to see who is more right than the other! I become physically sick when I hear about people and their troubles and I feel completely weak in what to do to help. I know my God has called me for such a time as this but really? I am not into politics, I am not in to world news or current events but I am feeling pulled to find out more about what is going on so I can have an educated conversation aobut it, not just dodging the talks because I find them all "stupid and stressful"....tha tis another thing, I have enough anxiety for an entire city and to get involved in these things brings on more stress so I really have to watch what I get myself into!
Here is my prayer for today...that my God stands firm w/ his believers and loves us through our triumphs and trials, that He guides the world, especially our country, through the nonsense that is going on that we have broiught on ourselves...I pray He is who He says He is, yesterday, today & tomorrow, that we are Christ folowers, stand up for what is right and what He believes in (not just an opinion on how it should be so we benefit) but what the bible says it should be! I pray for health & continued healing in the physical, spritual and mental relms...that He reveils Himslef to me more than I could ever imagine and He blesses me w/ more than enough!

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